CF Moto/QLink Pegasus 150cc Scooter Review

I bought a new 2008 CF Moto/QLink Pegasus 150cc scooter at the Yamaha/Honda dealer in Knoxville to ride to work. I was immediately bowled over at the brilliant power level and reliable engine.

I drove it to work and on small trips for fun, achieving a whole of 5000 miles in two being. The only maintenance issue was a loose electrical connector that caused the fuel gauge to not read correctly. It was quickly fixed under the original two year warranty.

The scooter was comfortable and stable to ride on most surfaces, due in part to the large wheels. I ultimately traded for a Yamaha Majesty 400 because I wanted to ride with a local motorcycle club occasionally and to have a larger storage capability.

The Pegasus will easily cruise at 60 mph and the water cooling always worked well in our hot Tennessee summers. Oil changes are simple for owners to do. For the price, it would be hard to find a better choice of motor scooter at 150cc.

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